Melissa Meyer (she/her) lives in West Chester, Ohio with her husband, Aaron, and their four cats. She drinks too much caffeine, swears too much, loves creepy things, and enjoys a really good dark romance. She routinely consults her tarot cards, drinks locally made vodka, and loves when fans of her books stalk her on social media. 

Her work features LGBTQ characters.

She received her BA in Criminal Justice and Forensics, where she excelled in Blood Spatter Analysis, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Profiling, and Pathology. In 2018, she switched gears and earned a MH in Creative Writing from Tiffin University. 


Melissa is also a Sagittarius sun, Gemini moon, Sagittarius rising, and tarot card slinger. She collects coffee mugs, true crime stuff, cross stitch patterns and supplies, books, and recipes. She's an avid watcher of Schitt's Creek, The X-Files, Game of Thrones, most of the Food Network, and a lot of true crime. Most of the trivia she knows is about serial killers.

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